I'm getting older, my shelf space gets more and more limited, and so I am forced to find new homes for many of my prototypes and already assembled models.  I've gotten many requests over the years for pre-built models, hopefully there's still some interest.

Its hard to put a price on a pre-built kit...its even harder to put a price on the countless number of hours that went into these kits. Not only are they hand built by me, but these are all prototypes taking a lot longer to build than the published models.  They are also one of a kind and have differences to the final retail kits. Some models have also received paintwork (airbrushing and clearcoating).
Please remember that safe and secure shipping is a big deal and can result in a large portion of the final price.  I'll do my best to pack and ship things as safely as possible, but also as cheap as possible.  In-person pick up is always the best option, and is the best way to save money and secure a safer delivery.  I will deliver for a fee. It depends on where you live.

I'm also open to the idea of donating models to Museums or seriously worthy causes.
If you have a suggestion in that regard, I'd love to hear from you. Or, feel free to direct the cause to me.

All asking prices do not include packing and shipping or delivery costs, these will be arranged privately, later.
If you are interested in any model, send me an email and I can send you plenty of larger high resolution images.

Apollo 11 Command Capsule "Earth return - Splashdown look" Prototype $250
This large model is about 12"(305mm) in diameter and about 10"(254mm) tall.
This is my repainted/refitted version of Ken West's 1/12 scale Apollo 11 Capsule.  With Ken's permission I completely redrew all the parts for this kit. I made numerous changes and corrections based on actual photos of the Capsule as it was recovered after the historic flight. There is no interior with this capsule (the hatch is sealed) but windows have been installed and a simulated interior can be seen through the hatch porthole. This model also has additional internal supports (foamcore and card). The model comes with a simple stand/base and the floatation balloons.
I'll also include a full set of assembled Apollo Mission (Robbins) Medallions and display stands.
Ask to see images, or you can view photos here:

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Saladin Armoured Car (British Army) Prototype $400
This 1/16 scale model is an impressive 14"(355mm) long and over 6"(152mm) tall.
It has a full interior with a rotating and removable Turret, detailed engine bay, working hatches and engine covers, elevating main gun, and a removable/posable 50cal.  Wheels are rotating and removable (optional) and the chassis has detailed (fixed) suspension. I've added the tow chain and wire aerials.
The published paper model does feature realistic paint and texturing/weathering, but this prototype has had some additional airbrush shading work and a light coat of spray clear sealer.
Ask to see images, or you can view photos here:

Ford Gun Tractor w/ Limber and 25pdr (Canadian Army) Prototype $600
Detailed 1/16 scale CMP Ford Tractor is about 12" (300mm) long. The closed body lifts off to reveal a detailed chassis and drivetrain. This prototype model also comes with my original Ammunition Limber and towed 25pdr Artillery Gun. Display them all in a straight line, and its almost a yard long! 
The published paper model does feature realistic paint and texturing/weathering, and this model has received a light coat of spray clear sealer. The windows are also laminated with clear plastic for effect.
Ask to see images, or you can view photos here: